Dont Sleep on This Artist – Kevae

Every now and then something unique comes along simple but diverse hard but smooth straight to the point serious but fun it takes many musical styles to make this happen but on September 22 19?? the journey would start………

Born in Memphis Tennessee “KEVAE” would make the transition from “Down South” kid on the gravel roads in “The Sub”of Rossville Tn(a place where one road went through a line of houses everybody knew everybody giving out love)to The big city life of Los Angeles CA(Hawthorne then South Central) with the road leading back to his hometown of Memphis Tn and L.A. once again where he currently resides but who better to tell this story than the man himself without further ado…….”KEVAE”…

I’ll make this quick….. First of all I’d like to thank everyone for taking the time to read my story. I’ve been exposed to different types of music from Funk, 70’s Rock, Soul, Pop,even Blues which i would take a little of each combined with my own style to mold into the artist I am today.

In 1988 there was a girl in high school who was into gold, Gucci, Louie Vutton ect.(you know the late 80’s lol)so I told her ” You’re to into “MATERIAL THINGS” the line would change the rest of my life although I was already a major Hip Hop fan at the time it would be the first time I would write my first complete “RAP” Dec 1988 from there I would write everyday with my boy”G-Myth” (later forming our group “New Time”)this would go on until finally going to the studio for the first time in April of 1989 along the way seeing the birth of “Gangsta Rap”.
Living in South Central(I would work briefly in 1990 with my first ever producer Michael Gonzales a classicly trained Latino Pianist who just did it as a favor to help me get strated)moving back to Memphis in 1992 I would see the birth of “Crunk” Music(with the infamous “GANGSTA WALK” created in the M-TOWN ) from there I would meet one of the godfathers of Memphis Rap “Gangsta Pat” in 1993 who would give me my first chance to record on an album (I would go on to work with him on 3 albums total in 1997,1998, & 1999).

During that time I would also meet Mike Giovanni. who would end up being my producer we worked together off and on with him moving to the ATL and me back to L.A. but he would soon move to Las Vegas where we would get started on my debut album “Surround Around My Sound”..well it’s been a long journey 17 yrs to be exact so show your support sit back relax and finally get to here the sounds of “KEVAE” in my own words.




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