StudioConnect Audio and MIDI Interface for iPad

Connect your guitar, bass and MIDI instruments to your iPad or iPad 2 and GarageBand.

Your iPad is already the most powerful portable recording studio ever. With StudioConnect, laying down multiple tracks with your real instruments is as easy as charging your iPad.

StudioConnect connects your guitar, bass, keyboard or any MIDI-capable instrument straight into your iPad so you can use.

Garageband and hundreds of other music and effects apps available through the App Store.

Connect real instruments to your iPad with mono ¼″, stereo ⅛″ and MIDI inputs

Monitor, mix and play back your music through stereo RCA output or headphones.

Use apps to add authentic tones, sound-on-sound looping, and overdubbing to your playing

Plug in your MIDI keyboard, drum pad or controller and turn your iPad into an analog synthesizer, complete with sequencer and drum machine.

Case-compatible dock charges your iPad as you listen and record without removing it from the case.













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