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Mostly Robot’s debut at this year’s Sónar by Day festival was a festival highlight. Five well-known musicians – each celebrated in his own field – joined forces alongside innovative visual artists for a world premiere performance, rapturously received by critics and audience alike.

Conceived by Native Instruments, Mostly Robot utilized an advanced array of NI hardware and software, pioneering a creative interplay between technology, personality and performance.



Mostly Robot is a genuine band, made up of exceptional artists: Jamie Lidell, Tim Exile, Jeremy Ellis, Mr. Jimmy and DJ Shiftee. Truly ‘live’, each musician plays independently – instruments are synced only by the human element, with no MIDI clock or sync grid obstructing their creativity.

In the tradition of inspiring jazz concerts, the show includes creative interpretations of renowned classics – from the twisted electronics of Aphex Twin’s ‘Windowlicker’, through Herbie Hancock’s proto-electro ‘Rockit’, to Biggie Smalls hip-hop anthem ‘Juicy’. Mostly Robot’s pop-infused genre rollercoaster ride is complimented by insanely inventive solo routines from each band member, as well as never-heard-before original songs by Jamie Lidell.



Mostly Robot’s live performance is accompanied by an inventive visual concept from Berlin’s extraordinary design collective Pfadfinderei.

The visuals are generated in real time, triggered by note events, controller data and audio material from the players’ instruments and computers. This creates a fascinating display of responsive shapes and colors, allowing the audience to follow the virtuosity of each musician.



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