Dubstep Wobble Bass w/ Logic ES2 Synthesizer

Dutty Artz co-founder Matt Shadetek is a Logic guru  at Dubspot.  An accomplished DJ, producer, and instructor, in these videos he will walk through the creation of a dubstep wobble, step by step, and show off what he does best – create some of the nastiest bass sounds on the planet.

Using Logic’s ES2 synthesizer, Matt runs through the steps of creating a wobble bass, starting (in part 1) with selecting a proper wave and setting up the basic sound, to part 2 where he examines more advanced modulation techniques using envelopes to affect pitch change, and add dynamism to the sound.

Overall, these principles are not limited to Logic, and can be applied to any synthesizer – an understanding of the general modulation matrix, its components, and signal flows is the most essential part of synthesis for a budding producer.



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