The Beat Tapes

Many of my friends insisted that I put together a compilation of my Beats as a project. Well after much persistence of their influence it has been conceived. ” The Beat Tapes” is a collection of soulful grooves and melodic creations.

Through compilation of musical thought, sensuality, depth, love and creativity, beautiful gifts are produced from my soul and the world surrounding me for me to share with you.

The fire…the passion for what I do gets stronger each day as I live and grow, withstanding the challenging labyrinth of life through perseverance and patience, as well as through love and faith from those who believe in me.

May the gifts I share through this universal language bless you!
released 10 June 2011
Written & Arranged by Michale Giovanni for Twinsoul Media
Copyright | 2011 Twinsoul Media

Listen to the Full Mix of “The Beat Tapes” [35:15]time

3 Responses to “The Beat Tapes”

  • Mariya says:

    AMAZING!!! 😉

  • admin says:

    Thank You Ms. Mariya.. 😉

  • Ronny J says:

    Man I was suprised how tight the beats are. I wouldn’t personally call it a beat tape because it’s too cool for that… I would call it a Groove Tape. lol! I Love it !! Can’t wait for it to be available for purchase.
    Keep it up! Your the man…

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